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Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 05:48 pm (no subject)

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"Family Man"
I was thinking about my dad and how he would always say "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I'VE SACRIFICED FOR THIS FAMILY?!" and all the other dad's and mom's who've said that and I came up with this. Using the colors red white and blue to represent the flag of the largest economy in the world, and then black for a sort of impurity in the system or a kind of wierd irony and evil. Then there's the mother (Kind of a spin off of Mary Magdalene) grieving while comforting her two children who seem somewhat disinterested in their indian-position sitting... the way I was when my dad would ask me if I knew how much he had sacrificed. UNGRATEFUL LITTLE TWAT! Just kidding. Then the city behind it all to represent the always looming work force and call to duty. Any critiques are largely welcome. This piece.. I dunno... they never turn out like you want it to, you know? Frustrating.

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This is some wierd creature I made. I was in the process of destroying it when I broke off its arm and thought it would be funny to go starwars style and put a screw in instead. So that's why that is there.

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This is a flower pot. He had a cigar in his mouth but it broke off at some point, so I'm going to have to glue it back on.
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