November 21st, 2004


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Why "mona lisa" is an overused title for a song:

It's way too easy to want her to smile. The metaphor of that lover you're just waiting to meet and to smile at is too great a temptation for the average songwriter, poet, novelist, or artist to overlook. I beg of you though, overlook it.

Perhaps you should try incorporating Picasso's "Old Guitarist"? It's just as easy a concept, potentially more introspective, and not near as worn out as the Mona Lisa.

I think Da Vinci would be laughing really hard if he saw what he's created. A self portrait of himself as a woman, obviously a mockery of some gender battle or what have you, has turned into the inspiration for a devout Christian band who openly stated their beliefs against gay relationships. Oh the irony!

Tonight was interesting. I wrote too many notes on napkins, points and critiques of this band I saw tonight, to write them all down and thuroughly think through each one. Maybe I was sick and my head is unclear, maybe I was annoyed at their anti-gay remark, maybe I was dissapointed that I fell in love with a blind drummer and hoped that he didn't really feel that way but I would never know because I will never meet him. Maybe I am thinking through this way too much.

(I'm posting this in this particular community because I'm interested in your thoughts on it specifically. I'm sorry I wasn't clearer, but ask any questions about what I meant, and I'll answer.)